Dear Co-workers, the New Brunswick Council of School District Unions CUPE 1253 would like to address the current COVID-19 virus situation that has now closed our schools for two weeks, our province and country is facing a situation that none of us has ever experienced before, the out come truly depends on our actions. We are asking that each one of you become aware to of your surroundings and protect yourself and your loved ones following the advice of the many professionals that know best, social distancing, washing hands, staying home unless necessary to leave etc., in order to stay healthy. Safety is NOT negotiable and most importantly be compassionate and kind to one to another as we go through this difficult time.

At this time many districts have notified their employees of the two weeks of school closure and that it would be treated as storm day pay, your President Iris Lloyd has been working diligently to keep in contact with the Dept. of Education and our sister local, Local 2745’s president Theresa McAllister to ensure all members questions and concerns are heard. We still have unanswered questions and will not stop until they are answered, the situation is changing daily, and we will apprise the membership as we learn more details.

NBCSDU, CUPE 1253 Executive


Important message from your Negotiation Team

CUPE 1253 Council has been protecting this Collective Agreement for 52 years. Your Collective Agreement is under attack. It appears this government is trying to strip away our Bargaining power. Your 1253 negotiation team along with all other CUPE locals in this province are continuing to fight back. We are saying no to concessions. To do this we will need continued support from you, the MEMBERS.

This has been the process to date

  • We gave notice to bargain Oct 1st, 2018
  • We exchanged proposals June 5th, 2019
  • To date we have been at the Bargaining table negotiating with the employer approximately 15 days. Your Union has offered many more dates to bargain with the Employer but was unsuccessful in securing more dates.
  • Your Bargaining team went in with a mandate from you the Members. Our Top 3 priorities are Wages, Pension, Job Security

On January 15th your bargaining team met with the employer, we were unable to reach an agreement.

The Employer is looking at the possibility of changing our Defined Pension Plan.

Our job security is under threat with contracting out.

This is the Employers Wage proposal

Apr 2019     .25%                                                 Apr 2021     .25%

Oct 2019     .25%                                               Oct 2021     .25%

Apr 2020     .25 %                                              Apr 2022      .25%

Oct 2020     .25 %                                              Oct 2022     .25%


Your Negotiation Team has rejected this latest proposal.

The team has informed the employer we are making application to the Labour Board for conciliation.

On January 24th your negotiation team filed for conciliation. This means the Labour Board will appoint a Conciliation Officer to assist both parties in trying to reach an agreement.

This does not mean we cannot return to the table at any time, our current collective agreement still applies.

There are steps that must be followed going through the conciliation process.

We will continue to keep you updated in the process. In the meantime, please support your Bargaining team by wearing either your Breaking the Mandate shirt or a black shirt on Fridays. Together we will continue to Bargain Forward for the best of this membership.

In Solidarity,
Your 1253 Negotiating Team


Your Bargaining team met on June 5 to exchange proposals with the Employer. Since June we have met on August 28 and 29, September 18 -20 and October 23-25, with the next scheduled date of December 3-5 2019.
The process is slowly moving along. It should come as no surprise that there are a lot of difference of opinions between both the Employer and the Union when it comes to the interest of our members.
The Council will continue to work hard on behalf of you The Membership, with hopes to obtain a Collective Agreement. We will continue to update you as we move along in the process and ask for your continued support. Together we will Break the Mandate and bargain forward.

Negotiating Team
CUPE 1253


We are in the process of setting bargaining dates with the employer for the next round, and will let you know once we have final confirmed dates, as well as letting you know the support we need from you to reach a fair collective agreement.